i’m in a place so high up the only thing that is bringing me down is that you’re not here with me   – g.c.

nothing to separate the night from the day i never tire always awake an energy excited for life time isn’t there i don’t age i grow i learn i live i am a soul thriving i see my perception draws what surrounds me it draws stars and universes in passing eyes i speak from my…

What’s Your Plan?

I always feel the pressure from others to have a plan. “What’s the plan?”, they always ask. Well, I guess, the pressure is really my own belief that there needs to be a plan for life to run smoothly. If you look at the world and the beauty around you, it all changes so fast….

there lies power within your word, what you say makes the day, can bring sun to the flowers, or heavy lightning showers   grow – g.c.

Veganism, An Explanation Part 1:

  Veganism: a change in perception, an awareness, a connection, a conscious In this post, I am going to be discussing veganism by answering questions people often ask me about it. What made me become vegan? Like most teenage girls, I had a false perception of my body. I have never been “fat” a day in my…