so much can be said without words.

but it’s amazing how we have seemed to agree on these letters smooshed together to define the millions of feelings we get to indulge in.

yet, we rarely appreciate this,

that there is language with no words,

and when need be it can be created.

there are multiple meanings for individual words and different perspectives for similar things.

it amazes me.

we think so much, but never about the little things that make it all possible.


i do not see those around me hungry for the truth

their stomachs are empty

but i know their hearts are not

they do not feel their hunger

but there will come a day

where they will feel the pain all at once

hear it from one loud roar

recognize it from one occurrence

seeing an event unfold

their lives unfold

and they will beg to be fed

and trust me

they will not starve

their hunger will be satiated

filled with truth

and emptied of reliance


until the ego’s demise

the curious child inside will go hungry

and not ask

because they do not know what it is to be fed


just some food for thought – g.c.