i feel like yin yang is often misrepresented as good and evil

i do not necessarily agree that these are the polarities that life is based upon.

i don’t believe it is necessary  for evil to exist to keep things in balance

i see this as life has negative circumstances which incur positive results on one spectrum

and that life has positive circumstances which incur negative results on another

while one is giving the other is receiving

while one is gaining the other is losing

but this does not have to be good or bad

i get life can’t be all positive

that negative things are necessary for the growth of humans

and help us in learning and advancing

but i don’t believe negative is equal to unnecessary acts of evil done by humankind

and that evil is an illusion we have created to excuse for the discomfort we feel from loss

or the discomfort we feel towards duality

due to the fact that we are underdeveloped

have become narrow minded

and have not embodied our true selves to understand what it is to be whole.

– g.c.


“society cannot allow ecstasy. ecstasy is the greatest revolution. if people become ecstatic, the whole society will have to change, because this society is based on misery” – OSHO



who is to say what is worth knowing

we only ever got anywhere by thinking outside of the box

maybe we shouldn’t form our children into squares giving it to them “straight”

saying what they need

then condemning them for having a learning curve

the realization that they were on a steady path no where

no purpose

they decided to step out of the box

but then you measured their intelligence off the four subjects

that would allow them to fit your shape, your four sided model

you had only felt comfortable educating them in what you already knew

but their innate knowledge knowns no bounds

rather multiple dimensions

which gave them a new perspective

to see past your bullshit

you are full of it

because you’re a solid square can’t even see that you are the one who is uneducated and ignorant

but we know of peace and progression

so sit down and learn a lesson from the youth

life has more meaning than you could fathom

and yes it can all be interpreted and explained through social studies, science, english, and mathematics

but only with the heart and soul can it be understood

i may not hold a position of power now

but any influence I ever have will be used for good



nothing to separate the night from the day

i never tire

always awake

an energy

excited for life

time isn’t there

i don’t age

i grow

i learn

i live

i am a soul thriving

i see

my perception draws what surrounds me

it draws stars and universes in passing eyes

i speak

from my soul

i will not allow my intuition, my voice, my answers to be shut down

so ideals and lies can speak

my perspective will remain positive

as my life grows and I change


the truth isn’t harsh, if you have the right mindset – g.c.