if it is a waste of time to just merely exist, then why does just breathing feel so peaceful   we spend time, running around, looking for a purpose to fulfill, i personally feel purpose, when i am still   i am here – g.c. Advertisements

coins clinking in a cup a sound that fills no one up not even with a beggar’s luck clank clank the urge to give if only they were open to receive it then my love could return them to a place the blind can see any kindness could any stranger not just me – g.c.

starman, where did you go? i am here right now far from the truth hope you’ll inspire me be the proof of everlasting youth teach me the language of music i promise i won’t lose it my mind won’t blow it’s impermeable to their products of destruction their nuclear war brought upon us by corruption…

  surrender is not weakness. there is strength in surrender, in letting go of resistance acceptance is strength. acceptance brings about real change. let go – g.c.