i am the Atlantic,

i run deep,

life can survive in the darkest parts of me,

i run in different directions,

but my waves follow the moon,

i run into other oceans,

that i can never stray from,

i love everything from myself to infinity

i believe in oceans and worlds beyond me,

with the moon as a guide and the stars as companions

believing is just as easy as knowing,

and i know that i am a soul as deep and as beautiful as the ocean


seemingly endless self – g.c.



compassionate child,

your mind may be strong,

but your heart is as soft and impressionable as sand,

and every so often an ocean crashes over you,

overwhelming you,

but just know,

its waves are ridding your heart of the footprints

of those who no longer deserve a place there,

after all,

they left,

walked all over you and away,

and only left you with the impression that there was something wrong with you

let the waves come – g.c




a memory,

forever ours.

we could talk about it,

but still no one will ever know,

that day we faced the cold.

we held the world,

as we watched the cerulean waves fold,

each disappearing ,

to be drawn in again,

repetitively rising up to die without fearing.

uncertain of what lies beyond the peaceful tide,

this freed us from the monotony of our lives.

children again,

wild spirits could no longer hide.


ocean deep souls find their home – g.c