we are cradled in illusion,
sleeping within the comfort of the known,
but enlightenment asks us to wake and push beyond,
to ascend and become immersed in the infinite,
to become one.
you will not truly escape this world and feel what it is to live,
until you free yourself of the ideas of the inconceivable
and just know.
surrender to the serenity and let the infinite engulf you.
see that there is no death to you and this idea is what holds you here in misery,
it is what causes you to suffer,
but this life is not an ultimatum for your chance at heaven,
rather a chasm in the infinite.
you are ALL.
this time here is for realization, experience, creation,
for the ONE to divide just to feel the strength of reconnection.
humanity is the broken bond of cells,
which thrive together in homeostasis.
we create this world.
your life is powerful,
your presence,
your very being.
just realizing you create it all,
consciously or unconsciously,
you do,
so take back your power and live how you envision

– g.m.c




screenshot this moment

drag it into your preferred software

edit it as you wish

and you are left with a new image

but it’s not the authentic image that you are remembering it by

this is an entirely new creation created by you

a collaboration between reality of one moment outside of you and the moments

that have come before to stir what is inside of you

your memory bank is filled with these false images

you aren’t able to download a raw image because you have the capabilities to transmute it as you wish

which yes can be a beautiful thing

but you take it too far

and hold on too long

this isn’t gratitude or savoring the moment

this is abusive to your consciousness

a consciousness which only craves the everlasting present


– g.m.c.