screenshot this moment

drag it into your preferred software

edit it as you wish

and you are left with a new image

but it’s not the authentic image that you are remembering it by

this is an entirely new creation created by you

a collaboration between reality of one moment outside of you and the moments

that have come before to stir what is inside of you

your memory bank is filled with these false images

you aren’t able to download a raw image because you have the capabilities to transmute it as you wish

which yes can be a beautiful thing

but you take it too far

and hold on too long

this isn’t gratitude or savoring the moment

this is abusive to your consciousness

a consciousness which only craves the everlasting present


– g.m.c.



“they’re just shy.”

the best way to make an introvert feel like they need an excuse to be

who they are

do they understand the power the quiet possesses?

i don’t think so,

otherwise they’d know peace,

and there isn’t much peace in a crowded city,

not just because of the noise,

but the people,

the people that don’t know quiet,

they don’t know themselves,

they are never alone long enough to learn something,

they don’t know the way of an introvert,

a way that lets you see the world and yourself,

for what it truly is,

it’s the biggest advantage in life,

the quiet,

it can take you farther than you imagine it could,

it is not something to be overused,

for that would be abuse of power,

to not share with the world what the quiet gives you,

the ideas,

the inner peace,

these things give your life meaning,

they give your life power,

a silent force,

only observed

the quiet – g.c.