do not aim to be politically correct the message would have less effect if you’re offended it is meant especially for you carefully tending would hide the truth   say it with meaning – g.c.

  two left feet, elephant arms swinging, movements way off beat, from the tippity top of tired lungs, tortuously loud singing, unstoppable, music rushing like blood through her veins, messy tendrils of golden hair are probable, naive and displeased with life’s foolish games, she dances, dances to release this pain, spinning around, until reality can…

complete utter bliss and happiness felt for every aspect of life, my life is not too grand to the majority, but my life will grow, still though, i’ll remember that happiness does not depend upon  if things are just so   where happiness comes from – g.c.

work hard and love and you will become the hawk that soars the sky gliding with ease untouchable to those that will never strive to reach your height   purposeful living – g.c.