i feel a coldness in my bones an aching of the soul allow and let go let each experience flow you’ll be guided if you don’t resist sensitivity and blindness can ironically help you persist experience gives shape to the beautiful reality you help to create   awake – g.c. Advertisements

i’m too familiar with these memories and emotions so i’ve kept trying to change them but i can only create new ones not replace them but the new ones have come as a reminder in time i’ll have to face fears let go of the people and feelings of the past and stand on my…

What’s Your Plan?

I always feel the pressure from others to have a plan. “What’s the plan?”, they always ask. Well, I guess, the pressure is really my own belief that there needs to be a plan for life to run smoothly. If you look at the world and the beauty around you, it all changes so fast….

  surrender is not weakness. there is strength in surrender, in letting go of resistance acceptance is strength. acceptance brings about real change. let go – g.c.