The Times They Are A-Changing

  you get what you work for? what you deserve? I’ve seen people act as slaves and devote themselves to labor just for others, but never be shown any love in return. maybe it is the way they think that is preventing them, but maybe their cognition was poisoned in childhood and adolescence, when they…

some days i have everything in order i am on the ball some days i am falling shorter a dreamy piscean soul wishing to take flight but i don’t know where to go because some days for the sake of spite i can’t help but swim against the current but most days it am with…

if it is a waste of time to just merely exist, then why does just breathing feel so peaceful   we spend time, running around, looking for a purpose to fulfill, i personally feel purpose, when i am still   i am here – g.c.

complete utter bliss and happiness felt for every aspect of life, my life is not too grand to the majority, but my life will grow, still though, i’ll remember that happiness does not depend upon  if things are just so   where happiness comes from – g.c.

  i know there are those who feel pride, when they tear others apart. it brings them a feeling of joy, of power and dominance. that feeling that they get is their own illusion. they do not deserve pride from believing they have destroyed someone, like they have bettered themselves.   you can only destroy yourself….

there lies power within your word, what you say makes the day, can bring sun to the flowers, or heavy lightning showers   grow – g.c.

consistency and commitment all threaten my freedom, because i only feel freedom when i know i can always change, and don’t commit myself to one thing   stagnancy scares me more than anything   – g.c.