eating disorders

we send the deathly skinny to rehab before their heart beat slows and they get bradycardia.

why don’t we send the morbidly obese to rehab before a heart attack occurs?

neither are respecting or loving their bodies.

viewing themselves as one entity

not allowing themselves to feel value.

we don’t teach the people how to eat, connect with, and love their bodies,

so a disease of the mind is created,

an illusion,

a disconnection.

both are plagued.

they don’t know how to listen to their bodies.

they are not in tune,

and have become disconnected from that source of love.


so many just sit there and judge,

because they too feel the disconnect.


taking the time to understand,

changing our perception of society,

seeing ourselves as equal,

we can all begin to heal.


When I write about these things, I never aim to target or attack anyone, only state my thoughts. I love to know how people react, when they keep an open mind. I would love to hear everyone’s viewpoint, when I write post like this, so feel free to share your thoughts.



do you wake up in the morning in a good mood?

have you not been crushed by the weight of your actions?

what does power give to you?

you’re clearly empty.

power deceives you to believe that you are wealthy and full.

how do you function without the voice of your soul?

did you bury it so deep that it vanished?

do you even own your soul or did you have to gamble it?

so you could be manipulative and controlling,

so you could have power.

i do not think I will ever fully know the answers to these questions,

but truthfully,

i do not want your answers.

i do not deserve lies.


i still ask,

and my main question is dejected and sorrowful.


– g.c.


zero judgment as bodies bump.

is it my heart or the bass, that is giving off that reverb?

lights echo against the walls.

it’s a mystery as to how i got to this moment,

but all i feel is right now.

the past and the future are nowhere to be found.


words spit into a microphone

pour out thumping speakers.

a medicine man,

his words curing us of our desire to be understood and related.

an entity of knowledge and wisdom before our eyes,

as the future is prophesized.

a future of peace amongst these dancing souls that will rest after tonight,


but never die.


a prophet without honor in his own home,

at his shows,

the stage is a throne.


Rap God – g.c.


i feel an energy flood

my heart opens up

like a pristine lotus in the sunlight

amidst the season of fire


rising from the depths


then returning to that peaceful place within


beyond the surface as i rise

i see my true identity

reflecting back to me


sprung from the earth

which i recognize its hum as the comfort of a mother

roots running deep

beyond this place

my spirit

unrecognizable by face

tethered by soul

floating so free

more vibrant than a water lily


divine connection – g.c.




if you have felt warmth from the sun,

felt the gentle handshake of the wind,

the caress of the skin,

you are not alone.

you can feel safe knowing the world,

like a mother,

will care for you,

its arms are always open.

run into them.

feel the world wrapped around you.

its love is infinite and always there.

it is up to you to feel it.

it is up to you to forgive.

control is yours.

you own your decisions.

you can decide to love and feel loved,

or you can close your eyes,

and hide the world’s beauty and love,

decide that the world has hurt you,

and that is all you will ever feel,


so choose love.

love yourself.

do not hurt yourself.


love is the option you gain, when you surrender your security – g.c.

i think the best way to gain compassion and understanding is through loving yourself,

knowing yourself,

you come to the realization that we all experience our own worlds,

other’s pain becomes transparent,

and once you love yourself,

you come to understand your own inner pain,

you become connected,

and do not wish pain onto others


it is the realization that we are the same at the core,

battered souls,

seeking a sense of wholeness,

in a fragmented world,

ruled by separation

– g.c