do you remember what it’s like

running through the grass barefoot

sliding down the sand dunes

jumping over the waves

and listening to them crash

you’re so distant

but for me it’s as if it were yesterday

i never let go of who i am

but i did let go of the idea of the person i was supposed to become


– g.c.


we are not made of wax and paper

no one flame will melt with you down until the very end

you are stardust meant to burn on your own again

life is not meant to be set on fire

to burn down to the ground or rise with the flames to the sky

it is meant for you to dance with this flesh and collect

so you’ll be ready to dance with the cosmos again


human experience – g.c .




i wanna be curled up under a blanket of stars with someone who i know doesn’t care about the trivial

who doesn’t take life too seriously

and can just appreciate the time we have on this beautiful planet

to feel free of this body

my soul invigorated

close to another

alike minds

restless yet at peace with the totality of this complex reality..

instead i am trapped inside

inside my body

inside a house

by myself

burdened by anxiety

the fear of letting go of reality

feeling crazy

for fearing my dreams and what they mean about me

what has changed

from the time i was once so carefree to now


when my mind is the one playing tricks to scare me from resting, loving, living, and being free