A journalist in my own terms. Reporting from my own experience and the truth that unfolds before my eyes and that I feel within, so I know it is fucking real. I hope you can sense that authenticity in my writing.

This page is really just to organize my thoughts and also, for my confidence. It is a place for healing and a place to house my creativity. Here I will be sharing my writing, painting, and photography as it grows.

I have always been shy and would often find myself keeping quiet, even if I really did have something to say. This blog is to help free me of my fear of sharing my thoughts, and allowing them to sit in someone else’s mind, and open to judgment.

I have begun to live from a place of passion uncontrolled by fear. This creating/writing is my passion.  Right now, I am in a place, where I can be open to judgment, and I understand what judgment really means.  Now, I can say that I am free.  Sharing my experiences is what will assure me of that. I hope my words will resonate with someone…even if it is just one person.  And, that I can give to others through my writing.