Book Release: Awakening

Hi! I am finally getting around to announcing my newly released book, Awakening. It is a collection of poetry and prose, now available for purchase on Amazon. I wanted to make it fairly accessible, so I chose a fair price of $8.99. I will be doing more readings and selling books, which I will be announcing on my other social media platforms. Currently, I am undergoing some shifts and will soon be creating a more personalized platform/website to not only share poetry and art, but books and other services. I will link everything, but if interested in keeping up to date be sure to follow my Instagram @g.m.c__

Link to purchase book: Awakening By Grace Mary


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The artwork for the cover of my book was done by me. They are eastern blue birds. A lot of my writing is inspired by nature, the feelings being immersed in it brings to me, the realizations I have, while outdoors. In my book I use a bird as a metaphor for myself a lot and my own growth, expansion, and the liberation of my soul. I chose a blue bird, because I see them in my grandmother’s yard in the summer, in a place where I feel at peace. Also, blue is my favorite color, and it is the color which represents the throat chakra, the energy center of the body which is associated with creativity and communication. This book is me creatively communicating what I have come to know through my awakening. I hope you enjoy!



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