Grounded & Rooted: Strengthening the Root Chakra, Embracing Shakti!

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Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you I am a more than a tad flighty, spacey person. Through reflection, becoming closer with myself, and understanding the essence of who I am, I began to realize there is a lot that makes up this whole being that I call myself. There are different centers of energy that control my overall emotional, physical, and spiritual health. I realized how looking deeper at each aspect of myself would allow me to center myself and become more balanced. It became very clear where my weakness resided and where those weakness stemmed from. As a child I was always very shy and guarded, even though I always felt protected. I didn’t have a drive for independent survival, a need to be firm and rooted. My mother was my voice and protective shield. In matters of conflict, I hid behind her. When I didn’t feel protected by her I felt even less grounded like the whole world was crumbling beneath my feet. This may be true for others in some aspects, but everyone has a different upbringing. Some may have stronger survival instincts, but still as a child it is hard to not wish to escape in difficult circumstances, if things aren’t going okay at home, in school, in your friend group, or any area of life.

When I was younger, I always felt something special being outside by myself or running around playing with friends. It is where I felt the most grounded. I had also felt something special with my passion for cheerleading. I felt so focused in these environments that I didn’t think of past, present, and future as relevant.  I would feel a great sense of either peace or excitement for the present moment. Reflecting on this, I came to realize I was most efficient, when I was not worried about outcomes, but rather how I was feeling and performing. Sometimes, with all that goes on in life, it is difficult to become grounded. We long for success and praise, illusions, only obtainable in the future, or that can be remembered by memory. Can we learn to truly appreciate ourselves and feel whole, regardless of achievements, in the present moment?… Yes! By learning to ground down, breathe, accept all that is, and appreciate our divine mother, earth. This is what balancing your root chakra is all about, whether it be overactive(causing imbalances in other centers) or not open enough. Ladies, it is an especially great and important opportunity to balance your root chakra during your moon cycle. You are pulling a lot of energy down into the earth. This is a time for healing and nurture on the physical level, which can as well affect the mental. The state of each chakra may affect another, and problems that arise can be coming from multiple imbalances in the seven different centers. Practices such as chanting mantras, doing grounding asanas in yoga, reflecting and feeling gratitude through journaling, creating in any form, taking a bath, snuggling in bed and drinking tea, cooking amazing food, filling your home with the aroma of your favorite incense, oils, candles, or simply lying down and feeling and honoring the shifts in your body are all great to do during the time of mensuration. It is a truly beautiful opportunity to feel alive in your body, and come to appreciate all the centers that make up our being, as well as honor all the phases we must go through. Woman are freaking amazing! Men are great too, but being able to completely renew in this way is a blessing, not an impurity, which seems to be the misconception, when told menstruating women are not allowed to enter temples>  ‘He said, “What is pure, we don’t touch. And what we don’t touch, we call it a Taboo. She (a menstruating woman) was so pure, that she was worshipped as a Goddess. The reason for not having a woman go into a temple is precisely this. She is a living Goddess at that time. The energy of the God or Goddess which is there in the murthi (idol) will move over to her, and that (the idol) becomes lifeless, while this (the menstruating woman) is life. So that’s why they were prevented from entering the temple. So it is exactly the opposite of what we think'” via (… Like I said, we are amazing! Feel no shame for the natural cycles and the shifts in your energy. Here is a poem I wrote on the matter.

To the woman I used to be
You are not the things your family did
You are a girl so pure
Temples dismiss you as your light shines so bright upon your full moon
Rooting so much energy into the earth from the ever growing cosmic flower
The power you were born with
The giver of life
The humble intentional intuition to the overachieving lost intellect
You are not the judgments you have made
The interactions you ruminated on
The things your brothers, sisters, and elders have dreamed you to be
You are the ever dancing Shakti and without you there would be no point to the music
No reality for thought
Just emptiness
You are the space and the matter
The entirety
You are truly amazing because you are no longer an innocent girl
But a pure woman
Blessed with intuitive nature
Gracing all with wisdom
You are loved
In the light you allow for darkness
You are the completeness
You are essential
You are life

  • For those of you who don’t know Shakti is the vital energy that gives power to the forming of life in HinduismOur root chakra, when in balance, along with the other chakras, can help us to make things happen in the physical world, nurture, connect, sense, and experience all that we dreamed we would. Grounding down is essential in manifesting. To manifest, we must limit. To create solidity in our lives and bring things into fruition we must be present. The fruits come from our labor, which requires we limit ourselves, so we have some constructs such as time to make things a reality. The lower chakras can be considered “Condensers of cosmic energy”(Wheels of Life). They hold the potential to bring our intuitive and intelligent ideas to fruition. To get things done and make things happen we must not resist and say yes to the present, work with what is given and not wish to escape our circumstances. By incorporating a few small practices, day by day, you can start to feel more grounded and like it is easier for you to manifest and make due with what is given. It takes away that annoying desire to accumulate and have more, so you may just feel gratitude for right now. It is time we learned to feel ecstatic from our surroundings! These are a few of my favorite practices and tools. Different things work better for others. What is most important, as with any practice, is your intent behind it. Chanting mantras may not be your thing, unless you do it without any prior judgments, and you realize the feelings of bliss and presence it opens you to. Really make the conscious decision everyday to open up and feel deeply. Indulge and do not feel guilty for taking time for pleasure. Listen to music, take your time to cook and then sit with and eat a meal, garden, hold loved ones in more than two second embraces, take the scenic route, have a conversation with a stranger with different beliefs, just enjoy your experience as a human and don’t block anything out, because it makes you uncomfortable.


Drink dandelion root tea – very yummy with almond milk and agave! Kind of has a nutty flavor more similar to coffee than tea, will really help with digestion (so be careful), caffeinated, so a great natural stimulant to keep you focused with intent to manifest your magic!

Cedar wood oil – earthy, very calming and grounding, smell is a great way to draw you into the present, your senses, and connect with your surroundings

Root vegetables – sweet potatoes, beets, garlic, onion, turmeric

Shakti mantra – Adi Shakti x3, Nam, Namo… repeat

Lam Mantra – repeat quietly or aloud in meditation

Stones- Red Agate, Smoky Quartz,  Ruby, Red Hematite use in meditation, while lying down, hold them in your plans, or set intentions with them

Write down or draw out your goals so you have a more concrete vision of them and to have a reminder of what exactly you are manifesting

Garden, hike, swim, connect with the earth

Yoga Flow: any other poses, specifically asanas, would be great

Knee to chest


Bridge pose




Toe Reach

Lie on back with legs raised




Childs pose

Sun salutations


50988754_m (1).jpg






Guided Meditation:

I hope this post helped, and that you try some of these practices! Much love – g.m.c.


Wheels of Life Anodea Judith:

The Science Behind CHAKRAS:


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