LIVE YOUR TRUTH. Sure, talk it…,but then walk it

I am often labeled and pegged in people’s minds as shy, quiet, introverted, reserved, calm, innocent. No one would characterize or guess at first glance that I may be wild, bold, adventurous, risky. I’ve received praise for my calm and reserved nature, for being so “go with the flow”(which I am pretty easy going, and content with doing things spontaneously), in the sense that I will just do whatever is asked of me… well fuck that. For too long I have been going with the flow of others and not living in my own flow😂 It WAS difficult for me to be bold, because my whole life authority figures and parents have used fear tactics to control me. Every time I spoke up I received far from generous punishments. We are literally enslaved to ideas and ideals! Imprisoned in our own “homes” and “schools”, neither genuine environments for learning and growth…i.e. being sent to your room, time out, physical punishment, being deprived of food and affection all for SPEAKING YOUR MIND, standing up for yourself, thinking for yourself and not repeating what your parents, teachers, and religious leaders told you. When you question authority or try to reign sovereignty over your own conscious it is solitary confinement(literally using the same practices as in prisons in parenting and education) I am not saying discipline isn’t necessary or that it is our parents, elders(they were conditioned far more), anyone’s fault. We are all at fault… the point: instilling emotional health and teaching children to speak their truth is the only control we need to teach them: SELF control, self awareness. This is not taught by enforcement, but by example. Lead your own life. Forge your own path.


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  1. fauxcroft says:

    Other perceptions of us are often wrong because they lack facts and knowledge about us. Children should be helped in understanding other perceptions and opinions have nothing to do with us and reflects more on those making those judgments. I completely agree with what you say, ‘lead your own life, ‘forge your own path’, children should understand being individual and unique is good and that being authentic and true to self is vital.

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  2. Brooke says:

    Yes!!! Love this message!

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