For the days that it is harder to be:

Really feel it 

The broad spectrum of all you can feel in that day

Don’t wait for anything to move you

Allow it all to move you

Allow the irritability, the aching, the annoyances to come through

Let them go

Get down to the nitty gritty

Don’t do mindless tasks

Delve deeper on these days

Just because you feel a certain way does not mean you are cut off from god

Just because there is no beauty your eyes are beholding 

Does not mean it is not there

So listen, see, feel, touch

And you will know the truth 

Know you change with the seasons and the phases

And you are not wrong 

And there is no right way to be human

In fact there is only a real way

And to be fucking real is to feel sad and empty

And not wishing you could “just be happy” like everyone else

Because trust me this existence would be a lot easier if we all stopped fucking pretending and supported each other 

in whatever phases we must go through 

to become our most divine selves 

Divinity does not equal perfection

It is truth, authenticity, balance, light, dark, good, bad, all of it 

There is no way to become spiritual

That is just a word that is used too often as a label for all things “taboo”… another label…

So just be fucking real!


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