You can connect with people on three different levels: body, mind, and soul

And sometimes you find people who are all encompassing

A triple threat

You, them, and the moment

Body, mind, and soul

Some people just have bodily chemistry

Having them near you is electric

A glance can make you feel them

You think this is love

In one form yes

But not the one yet

Some people can make your heart beat fast and your head pound

You connect intellectually

At the level of the mind

Sometimes it’s mind and body all at the same time

Warm fuzzy feelings, stimulation of your thoughts, all 6 senses

You talk about conspiracy theories, art, poetry, the stars

How could a bond like this be broken?

Well you have a missing piece

And the spirit is still separate

Smart debates about “what’s important” may help you to grow

But you’ll never truly know

Until you reach the level of the soul

Soul= the whole

There is no connecting just at the soul level

It is the all encompassing

It means you passed the first two levels

You’ve expanded


But you have never broke any form of connection

This is the natural high

Not like a drug

You’re functioning

You’re blooming

You’re prosperous

You feel no distance when you are physically apart

You merge by body, mind, spirit, and heart

This is the one that makes your head silent

Your heart calm

Makes you trust

Let’s you know that a feeling so powerful isn’t something that lives in time and will go on

It can’t necessarily be defined though I am trying

It is not a construct

There is no time line

The realization of infinity

In union

This is shared divinity

A love beyond a you and me

And can only be called we



Nothing left

It is a knowing

This is right and there is no wrong


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