If you struggle with knowing what you want, what is right, what servers a higher good, how you can be at your best to help those closest to you, or you feel lost and like you don’t fully understand yourself,… it is not something to ruminate on or worry over! Most people realize once they have grownup, that they don’t know who they are and how they can live their most fulfilling life. The point of this post is for me to share what has worked for me, so I may offer whatever help I can. This may not resonate with everybody, I know some will feel differently, or like this doesn’t apply to their own life, but this is what I have come to know. This is my personal truth: You can’t put all your (fake/vegan) eggs in one basket. You are not one dimensional. It is okay to be passionate about different things, at different periods in your life, or a bunch of things all at the same time. On the other hand, you must keep in mind if you want to master one thing, you can’t do everything. This doesn’t mean you have to give up any of your passions or interests. You can learn and grow in so many things. All it takes is a little reflection, understanding, and management of how you spend your time and how efficient you are in that time spent. Don’t let words like management and efficient scare you like they use to scare me. You want to take your life seriously, so you may see yourself grow. This doesn’t have to take the fun or the fluidity out of things. I know, when it comes to your passions, time is of no concern, as you immerse yourself in what you are doing. If you want to  feel fulfilled in all areas of your life, however, you must lower your head from the clouds at times and settle into some habits. Organizing your life does not have to be a daunting task. It can be quite simple and definitely worthwhile, as it will you give you some clarity. You can start by creating categories of areas in your life where you would like to create fulfillment. For example: personal fulfillment, fulfillment for all/community (how you can serve others/the world), and fulfillment for those closest to you.

Here is my example. It is basically me just reflecting on how my passions can fulfill and enrich my life and others. Maybe it could work as a template for you.


Adventures, creative outlets- Art, travel, and poetry


I would like my work to resonate with whomever it is meant to, but I will create for myself. I will make sure I am coming from a loving place and nurturing my creative passions, so that they may grow.

I will spend time with myself, out in nature, and I will be open to new people, places, and experiences.

Serving/Giving to others:

– Environment

I will produce less waste, help clean up the beach, recycle, eat clean, and spread awareness of environmental issues.

-Teaching, journalism, psychology, philosophy, environment, health, healing

I will use my writing abilities to share my knowledge of my interests and experience.

Those closest to me:

-Th earth, family, friends

I will use cleaning products that are good for our health and the environment.

I will learn about herbs and cook meals intuitively for my family, so they may be provided with nourishment.

I will walk my dogs and make sure they get exercise on a daily basis.

I will communicate clearly with friends and family and be attentive/listen, when with them. I will try new things with family and friends and explore new topics of interest.





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