I can’t be selfish and only go to the beautiful parts of the world and the places I fit best

I have to push beyond comfort

I have a higher calling and I have to experience the darker places to see that there is light even there

I have to see the truth

How much pain

How much worse it can all be

Just to make it better

I felt so much inspiration in the city

It was beautifully and thrilling

But scary as hell and even heart shattering at times  

Just the way one human can treat another…

I found peace in the forest

No desire or greed

Just being…

But they both hold the same thing

Just at different levels

One less spiritually evolved

But both carry love and learning

And carry my heart closer to the truth

Bringing my mind to understand my heart

And helping me to balance this seesaw between mind and heart


Worlds Within Worlds Between Worlds – g.m.c.



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