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Think of the earth as one being and us as the intricate cells that make up that being we can either create disease or harmony

Some of us contribute and work within one system

At different levels energetically

We tend to the earth, connect to her physically

We speak for her

We see for her

We create for her

We see her

We innovate

But some of us are not as ease

In relation to the earth people become parasitic

They reap destruction

Take and never say thank you

Never say, how will I give back?

Trying to fill an emptiness with outer things

When she is capable of nurturing the soul with a few simple things

Air, water, food, solid ground, companions, visions, love, and song

Endlessly providing and never asking for anything in return

But one day our mother will no longer be able to birth so much

A planet b will not come into fruition

Because we decided to treat our mother like an unborn child


But all we did was dispose of a chance of life

A chance to thrive

She will not be reborn

If time after time your desires require she must die

One day she’ll say enough and won’t come back to life…

Unless you as an individual change your way of life


Limitless potential, the world in your hands – g.m.c.



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