We all want to run away from our small town or escape our big city,

but did we have a look around at all that surrounds,

right here and right now?

The sun that dances in through big windows in little open houses,

or the lights that make love on the water,

emanating from tiny windows of cramped city apartments.

There is either too much air or you’re suffocating,

but regardless,

you are still breathing.


On a threadbare couch,

looking through the same window I would look through to watch the neighbors, birds, leaves pass by,

as a child,

not knowing that there was much more than this,

and most certainly not desiring much more than this.


That is how I felt then and that is how I feel now.

I now know there is more,

And if I find it that is great,

But here I am okay.

I am alive and that is more than enough.

I can go, come back, stay, leave again,

but there will always be love.




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