Please don’t push me out.

I’m not trying to get under your skin.

Just let me in your heart,

The one so many have torn apart.

We are here on this earth to mend.

We are heaven sent,

So I am asking,

At the very least,

Let me be your friend.

We can love again.

Don’t feel the need to defend your smile.

It hasn’t been there for quite a while.

You deserve the feeling,

After all that you’ve been dealing with,

Love having left,

And darkness setting in,

But don’t hide there for comfort,

Because love has come again,

And you know there is less danger from adventure with me,

A known stranger.

We don’t have to know given names, past places, or faces,

No games,

Just your soul and mine.

Fear is fine.

It is scary thinking of a love this divine.

It could be lost for all of time,

Or take you on an endless high.

I’ll tell you right now,

I am a ride or die.

I’m not forcing you to pick sides.

I’ll warn you.

I roll with the tides,

But I promise my ocean eyes will bring you heaven,

As we live one hell of a life.


Flame – g.m.c.



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