Keep On Keeping On

I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you,

turned away from you,

just because I wasn’t happy all the time,

just because I couldn’t maintain happiness..

I had forgotten that that is not my purpose here,

that is not the goal.

I am here to truly live and experience the ups, downs, and in between times.

All I can do is give it my best, which may vary from time to time.

I can keep a good attitude without always feeling blissful.

There is beauty in all of it.

I am here to grow, not to feel comfortable and “happy”.

Happy is not something that can be chased after.

It just comes and it goes, but those are not the only moments I appreciate, at least not anymore.

My darkest days taught me the most and reassured me that I was alive,

that I was here to do more,

that there is no other choice than to keep on trying until your time comes.


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