I have learned so much just from existing.

Truly, adolescence was the craziest,

and the best experience for my growth and understanding.

Now, I can return to my roots,

which grow in light,

however, my soul had a few dark nights.

My roots had been buried in mystic ideas,

and my spirituality had become my foundation.

I clung to who I was.

At first, this made me feel independent in a good sense.

I felt connected,

because I finally felt deserving,

but eventually I allowed this to create a new divide.

This must explain why I didn’t feel understood by anyone,

why I felt so much grief,

like I had lost my connection to people.

I could barely be reminded when I was around children of what it is to be alive.

I was so intwined in my mind,

focused on what I had lost,

not realizing that it was right there surrounding me,

within me,

where I first had “found” it.

I had realized who I was,

where I was.

Living was ecstasy,

but part of that was I had so many people to learn from.

My soul was exposed to others struggles and I witnessed their own darkness.

I have felt so detached,

but hopefully my bond to myself,

to everyone,

to humanity,

will grow stronger as I reconnect.

I didn’t want to see what we are capable of,

what I am capable of,

because we all are capable of the same.

It is scary how big this world seems,

how many people there are,

how to decide what to give meaning to.

There is so many of us.

We all have our own way of expressing our perception and our own way of processing.

We create this all together,

yet we choose to have all these problems,

to struggle so much.

When will we all say this is crazy?

All this striving.

I just want to be happy.

I just want to appreciate one another.

Why do we choose to make our lives hell?

We act like we want success,

but none of us feel deserving of abundance.

None of us want to truly challenge ourselves,

because beyond developing your mind and body your soul has got to level up,

and we got to do this shit together,

because we are one.

We are connected.

That is why these feelings are passed on and how so much destruction has been reaped.

It ripples through.

Somewhere along the line we got lost and became disconnected.

It is time we find our way again.

Hold one another, when we hurt.

Let’s close this gap.

We are human.

We have built machines,

developed, and discovered,

yet we know nothing.

Let us accept this and let us know peace.


– g.m.c.




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