I’m lost in this world, but at least I found a friend who as well is okay with having no direction,

indulges in the freedom of uncertainty,

and just goes along for the ride without any expectations,

only seeking the thrills life has to offer,

knowing they can be found at every corner in every person.

No matter how dark our lives seem to get we shine in the confusion

and find ourselves in the mess.

We are the stars that dance with darkness.

I’m glad I know another who looks at the night sky with a twinkle in their eye,

who needs no other answer than their own existence as proof that there is meaning to life,

who recognizes my soul,

even when I try to hide behind my ego,

who is willing to know someone so undecided, confused, and messy,

gives me consideration and thought,

offers personal wisdom and understands what it’s like to battle with yourself.

I love you,  soul sister,

For seeing and loving me, even when I am afraid of or unsure of the person that I am that day.

– g.m.c.


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