I struggle to cope with those who want to control me for the sake of their own comfort,

their own security within their thoughts.

I know I make people nervous by thinking a way they are afraid to,

for not limiting myself like they do,

for refusing to be “realistic”, as they say.

To me, idealism equals freedom of imagination,

and there is power in faith, if I believe I can be that great.

I am willing to know myself well enough.

People are so afraid to know themselves, their desires.

We label things as wrong, but labeling it and pushing it to the side does us no good,

not for our growth.

We learn nothing by fearing the unknown.

We have to sink in the depths of our mind, body, and soul,

become the awareness.. and that is where security and certainty lie,

not within this illusion, for that is all this is.

We are all afraid, so we have come into agreement that this is what is safe,

but we are very much in danger, because we are disconnecting from the god in us, saying we kill and destroy one another’s land in the name of god, in the name of our land, for the sake of ourselves, for the sake of our freedom.

We are enslaving ourselves even more.

We then ask that god forgive us and be on our side..

We are beggars not doers.

Murder is not action.

It is never justified to turn on human kind, another animal, any form of life, for that is blaspheming  the god within you.

Only you can offer forgiveness and create peace, peace with that wholeness within you, to mend these fragmented parts of yourself.

Feel your awareness, your consciousness.

What more proof do you need to know that you are valuable and that this exists within all of us?

Nothing separates us.

No matter how different we seem, this is all illusion.

These are all masks, ideas.

We are not our achievements, occupations, or family history.

Something else could have occurred  in a single event over the course of your life, rather than what happened to change any of those things: where you went to school, your name, who you married, yet you would still exist.

Nothing can change your awareness, so stop using those things to define you and stop living for personal success.

Release yourself from your need to be defined as an individual.

Yes, you are unique and beautiful.

We all are.

This is within all of us.

Release the idea of order, of competition.

Everyone’s journey on this earth will come to an end, and it doesn’t matter who reaches their’s first or who lasts the longest.

It is happening for all of us, so liberate yourself by loving everyone and living like you don’t give a damn, because really you shouldn’t.

You have only been eluded over the years, convinced that you should.

So, see love in everyone.

See the potential, and know that when it is missing you can always reconnect.

Awareness doesn’t just disappear and neither will you.

Your presence is strong.

We are infinite divine beings and one day,

no matter how long it takes for you to reach this realization,

you will see this.


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