18 Orbits Around the Sun

What did I do this year?

Did I live it how I wanted to?

Is it enough?

Was it?

How much can I do now that I am a year older?

These are all things I don’t want to ask myself.

Age is not a restriction.

We have built this idea in our minds created these milestones in life:

what we must have achieved by a certain point to be considered successful,

when we can start doing things, when we can no longer do things.

We have created limitations, yet we are constantly berated with the idea that we must do more, go further, acquire.

These mindsets don’t mix.

Depending on your circumstances and which idea has been forced upon you more,

you either live in misery because all you have achieved never meant anything, or because all you “can’t” achieve haunts you.

The reality is there are no boundaries in this reality, and you are far beyond what the egoic mind can conceive.

There is something so wise and as old as time residing deep within you.

It is ready for you to connect with, and it is not restrained by time or age,

rather by the false idea of yourself you have embodied and grown comfortable with.


break free..


I’m not gonna compare this age to the next one or wish to slow down time.

I am changing mentally and physically, but my awareness remains

I am going to love and experience this world yet again as I begin my 19th trip around the sun

Here’s to another year full of experiences, lessons, challenges, and great memories.

18, I’m ready for ya.


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