my love was unconditional,

my empathy knew no bounds,

I could forgive and forgive and always say, “I understand.”,

try not take things personally,

but you broke me,

when I once thought the vulnerability made my heart so strong,

yet it still crumbled under the weight of your words and your actions,

when you hurt me for the millionth time and I could no longer find it within me to forgive,

no beat in my chest for me to feel,


I was attached to no one,

and I couldn’t truly love anyone either.

before it just outpoured,


then something was there to stop it,

to say don’t love anymore,

it’s not worth it.

all the doubt had won me over,

but in time I always realize pain is better than feeling nothing.

being alive is better than sleeping under the spell of lies spun by you.

if you cared for me,

why would you build me up just to tear me down,

then feel accomplished,

when the numbness melted and I couldn’t help but feel and cry again?


Why Do You Hurt So Much? – g.m.c.


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