The Times They Are A-Changing



you get what you work for?

what you deserve?

I’ve seen people act as slaves and devote themselves to labor just for others, but never be shown any love in return.

maybe it is the way they think that is preventing them,

but maybe their cognition was poisoned in childhood and adolescence,

when they were taught they had to work to earn the right to exist.

have we forgotten that right is innate?

we were placed on an abundant and sustainable earth.

yes, the principle to give and receive was put in place,

but these plants only ask that you tend to and nurture them,

so they may nourish you in return.

the spring, the sun, rain, trees ask only that you breathe.

we are all deserving.

don’t look at the homeless man as a stranger and just assume that he didn’t work har enough or that it was drugs.

don’t condemn the addicts.

we all fall victim to substance and material,

and we enable each other by standing against one another.

we have no choice now,

but to a admit that we all fucked up and that we have to figure this out.

everything that is put in place and set up is so wrong.

this system has never worked.

and as it continues to fail we must continue to defy it.

there is no other choice,

but to grow and change and give with expecting nothing in return,

so many do it already.

it is time they are shown love

be kind to everyone, we all come from a different place, you have no idea what people are dealing with remember.. “hurt people, hurt people”.. as in their inner pain is mirrored in their actions and reflected onto others, so don’t take it personally. keep ya head up!

– g.m.c


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