even the slightest gesture that can be mistaken as a sign of disinterest,

when you are finally addressing your feelings,

sends you off the deep end

i throw my rope in,

but you tug the wrong way,

as you yell,

i realize you think you’re me taking me down with you,

but we are not through

our responsibility is due

these emotions can be dealt with

it’s important to ask for help with

to open up and get hurt

they’ll beat you down into the dirt

with criticism

but remember,

we’re still climbing

a few slips should be expected,

but lift your head up to change your perspective

you aren’t stuck on these emotions

they are holding you down temporarily,

so you can grow and be found

amongst a place where the right seeds grow,

without interference from disorderly coherence of a chaotic systemized world

you are not psychotic for wanting to see an end

something in you knows of a new beginning,

but these are not always found through winning,

so please taste defeat

let it fill your senses,

and bring you remembrances of the truth of the world

not all heroes stories can be told,

because their greatest actions were small not bold,

but they still had effect

the smallest smile can redirect all of fate,

so you’ll soon get a different taste

they call it glory,

but it takes many to make this story

it takes courage to be vulnerable,

and move past what is comfortable

include all people,

and once even the worst is seen as your equal,

you’ll realize that they and you are more than what meets the eye

after all this,

we’ve learned it is of human nature to defy,

as long as we are family i have the will to at least try,

so please take my hand and be my brother

our loving roots we will rediscover


resisting ourselves – g.m.c.


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