eating disorders

we send the deathly skinny to rehab before their heart beat slows and they get bradycardia.

why don’t we send the morbidly obese to rehab before a heart attack occurs?

neither are respecting or loving their bodies.

viewing themselves as one entity

not allowing themselves to feel value.

we don’t teach the people how to eat, connect with, and love their bodies,

so a disease of the mind is created,

an illusion,

a disconnection.

both are plagued.

they don’t know how to listen to their bodies.

they are not in tune,

and have become disconnected from that source of love.


so many just sit there and judge,

because they too feel the disconnect.


taking the time to understand,

changing our perception of society,

seeing ourselves as equal,

we can all begin to heal.


When I write about these things, I never aim to target or attack anyone, only state my thoughts. I love to know how people react, when they keep an open mind. I would love to hear everyone’s viewpoint, when I write post like this, so feel free to share your thoughts.


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