if you say you do something and talk about something you support, why do people feel the need to knock you down to their level and take offense?

like.. you’re happy you did something good, even though it may have been simple.

some people, who are insecure, always need to make others feel like there is no way no how you can be above them.

so, they assume that is what you are trying to say.

but don’t let their need to defend themselves offend your accomplishments or take away your happiness.

they are making judgements on where they are in life, and clearly it is not the same place as you, if they can’t allow themselves to feel good about the littlest things that they say, do, and put out into the world.

everything and i mean everything has worth in some way to someone or something.

this is a reoccurring lesson in my life.

only i add value to things,

and that value is only as high as wide as my perception can reach.

i am a world in and of itself,

a series of processes,

created by an intelligence,

gifted with my own to process the world, which i also contribute to creating.

it’s fucking magical,

and i’m happy.

and i feel great about myself and the fact that i exist.

so, no one, no how will knock me down a peg.

because i do not see myself as better,

but i do see myself as worthy.


– g.c.


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