i drown out the sounds of the world

without realizing i do it

because i am hurting

i block out all the colors

tune out of reality

eyes locked to a lit up screen

draining my vitality

i found myself looking out car windows on the way to a doctor who couldn’t figure out what the hell was wrong with me

but i found the cure

when i saw my reflection in the rearview the saw a man with a face just a s pure

starving from hunger

but full of experience and life

stories that i might like to hear

but never will know the pain he has had to fight

to come to a place where he is alone

but still asks to be given from those outside of him

maybe that is a place i’ve already known

or i’ll have to go

just to learn

but for now

it is of my young heart

to yearn for the sky

that i watch pass by

on those peace of mind soul satisfying car rides


car rides – g.c.



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