thank you..

for the free thinkers,

the idealists..,



as i stand centered at the Brooklyn bridge,

people rushing around,

there is peace in the energetic city.

my thoughts have left the surface.

only one word lingers in my mind..


not wanting to let go of the moment,

standing above it all,

a part of a reality that was once merely an idea,

a dream,

in the middle of an energy vortex.

the lights dance on the water to the music of the traffic that passes from below this fixed link,

bridging together two worlds,

from one side of Brooklyn to the other,

even turning a street corner transports you to a whole new realm.

a diverse sect of one big ever-changing universe,

a city so grand.


there is stillness amongst the movement.

i shake inside,

from my hunger i rise,

i undeniably crave every moment and savor the taste of life.




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