let’s focus our attention on the solution, not the problem


The world we live in has got all these problems. Everybody just goes around thinking or saying “ Well, nobody is doing anything to help”. False. The first thing you can do to help is to stop thinking or saying that.

The reality is, many people don’t know what the cause of these problems are. Light needs to be shed on them, but not too much. The law of attraction, which I am not trying to completely explain here, states that your thoughts become things and manifest your reality. For the Netflix addicts, who would like to learn something, watch The Secret. It is a documentary that explains the law of attraction in detail. Trust me, it is not a boring documentary. It is very interesting and would benefit you immensely. This should explain why I say we shouldn’t focus our energy on the problems. We shouldn’t be fearful of how big these problems may become in the future. I know that sounds crazy, but does fear really help any situation, other than in some crazy rare situation, like getting attacked by a bear?

So, what do we do about these problems? Once the knowledge and the root of the problem is known, then we can “drop it” and not think about, at least not in detail. We can focus all our energy on truly believing that the world’s problems will disappear. This will allow inspiration to flow to us more freely, and then we will come up with the solutions.

The solutions to the world’s problems are already out there. They are just a thought waiting for action. There are many solutions that have already been thought of. There are people that are helping to solve problems just by living their day to day lives. For example, those who chose to eat vegan, are making an impact. Read that sentence again, before you get mad. I did not say vegans are better or more holy. Veganism is a perfect example for the point I am trying to get across. To all the vegans reading this, stop focusing your energy on those who aren’t vegan and tearing them down for it. Stop focusing your energy on the damage that is being done to the land that is used for animal agriculture. Stop focusing your energy on the pain that is being inflicted. Focus on all of the people that have already become vegan, the people transitioning to veganism, the people learning about veganism, the animals that have already been saved, and the way veganism has changed your life.

For all the non-vegans reading this, I am not judging you. I believe many of you will choose to read, if interested, and gain some background knowledge before you judge me, but it’s also okay if you are judging me, because I don’t know if you are. More importantly, I don’t care if you are. After a few months of being vegan, I realized that my health and my happiness had been restored. No argument against veganism can beat the joy that has come from my decision.

Another example, that most everyone is already aware of, is world hunger. The real causes (agribusiness, war, IMF bombing farms, classism) to this are not well known, and are rarely shown in the media. All we know is people are starving. In fact, world hunger is completely unnecessary. Believe, I mean truly believe, there is a solution.  Do not create problems in your mind. Remember, “the universe is an externalization of the soul”(Emerson). Only see solution and improvement.


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