The only time you express gratitude, should not be when you are being showered with gifts. Discontent permeates the holidays as we  are given or give,”the wrong gifts.”Things that aren’t good enough to satisfy a family member’s, ego. They need to be wearing a certain brand, so they can project an image of themselves out into the world that is socially acceptable.

They crave identity, and find it in material objects. Our egos are attached to brands that define our worth, and control our actions. Our passions, our own creations, what we love, should be what we identify with, and should control our actions, your inner world, not the material one. The name on your jacket, futility, when it comes to your personal growth and the the things you yourself put out into the world.

This is a reminder to enjoy the presence of your family. Don’t automatically assume they are uninteresting and have nothing to offer, just because they are your family. Try getting to know them. Learn about them and you’ll grow to see that we human beings, are not all that different from each other, when it comes to emotions, experience, desires, and dreams.

Push beyond the small talk. Start a conversation. Open the room up to new ideas. Don’t fear family’s judgment either. They are probably holding some insecurity inside due to the fact that they themselves, still identify with their ego as well. Their judgment, their resistance to new ideas, is a reflection of them not you. So, give them a smile when they judge. Show them love. They are in desperate need of it.

Christmas does not have to be perfect. Accept the day for what it is. Accept your family, don’t resit them. Spread love. Express gratitude. Forgive and heal any broken bonds. Merry Christmas!


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  1. You are wise beyond your years!

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