they’ll swear at you.

say everything they don’t mean.

but you never ask why are they doing this?

you get angry.

think something is wrong with them.


you’re right.

something is wrong.

the whole weight of the the fucking universe was just dropped on our shoulders.

problems that weren’t ours when we were younger,

were dumped in our laps.

now they sit,

waiting to be dealt with.

imagination became a distraction.

stop daydreaming.

you have reality to tend to.

but no teenager really wants the reality that is being handed to them.

“this is how life is supposed to be”,

we are told.

but it doesn’t feel right.

so of course,

we are confused and frustrated.

and of course we will try and find ways to express that.

teenagers aren’t assholes.

they’re crying out for help.



weren’t you a teenager once?



One Comment Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    Yes, I remember ❤


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