sometimes i fear what is on my mother or father’s mind

as a child you see them as bulletproof

when you grow up

you see that even you have the strength to hurt them

you only realize this

after you have hurt them one too many times

my parents aren’t bulletproof

they’re elastic

they always snap back to their “normal” state of being


they remain the same

and i wonder if they are capable of change

i’ve never seen my mother for who she is

same with my father

my mother seems to always be distracted and confused

they both keep busy

do so much for me

i haven’t shown appreciation until now

i’ve been too busy trying to figure out their mystery

they’re the world’s largest puzzle

it seems impossible for them to fit together

but someway


they did

they’re children wrecked the finished puzzle

and now we are all struggling to put it back together

my father

doesn’t seem to own any pieces to the puzzle

i can not paint a detailed glorious picture of him for you

he is quiet


but i have witnessed his soul

i know underneath all his tough exterior

is a man just as confused as my mother

a loving mother that shows love through labor

maybe thats how my parents fit together


maybe they thought if they were going to be lost

it’d be better if they were not alone

but the thing about being lost with someone

is that you are both looking for something else

but you just can’t seem to go in the direction you need to find it

without leaving the other person behind

puzzling parents – g.c.


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