when she was a young girl

she told her mother

that she believed she was once a star

not a person

meant to be in movies

or sing on stage

but one that lit up the sky when the world fell dark

giant to this world

but little and far away in its eyes

she felt she had come to this world

not from it

she felt purpose


this moment became distant memory

as the child began to grow up

in a strange world

it wasn’t until she was sixteen

that she remembered

first period

biology class

the teacher said

“we are all made of stardust”

then the memory of what she had said to her mother

rushed into her thoughts

filling her with excitement

which she felt she must contain

for she still was in a classroom haunted by ego and status


she had this deep feeling

it felt as if she had told her mother she was a star yesterday

with curiosity

she looked it up the following night

her teacher spoke the truth


she felt a strong sense of belief

she knew that energy still lived inside of her

still that bright


all she could think about were the people around her

it was as if their light had burnt out

so they tried to cap the light of anyone who still had it


any human

any star

that still had this fire 

became a target

she could no longer let this scare her

sick of fear

she rid herself of the scared little girl that lived inside her

that had prevented her with whining thoughts


finally grasping the lesson

awakened her

and showed her true potential

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset


starry eyed child – g.c.


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