you think i hurt you

if you could feel what i have been going through

but maybe there is something up with you too

if only we could put on each other’s shoes

take the time to better understand


the emotional pain felt from my brother

my impetuous brain reigns

virulent words

the abruptness is absurd

control is lost

the vicious exchange of anger and pain has a cost

telling family i hate them

can’t they see I’m drowning

they just continue to swim

forgot what the right way is

getting lost in the current

thought everyone was watching

they weren’t

too busy with their own problems

only conscious of themselves

only thing to give is their bad attitude

which i take

putting my happiness at stake


is it strange that I look back at this and smile

all that time spent caught up in lies, lies, and denial

i needed that bump in the road

to slow down and figure out where i wanted to go

this is when i realize wow life is wild

i felt like a child

with only love in my heart and an innocence

not to be mistaken with ignorance

but I still felt that bliss

we have to own our pain

or that is all we’ll ever gain

if we remain constant with our problems

then the world can’t ever change


hurting causes hurting – g.c.


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