just a child

so much unease


and fear

for a child

walking into the large drafty chapel

sitting down

in wooden pews made to be as uncomfortable as possible

this is love?

this is togetherness?


the child barely catches a word of what is said

before she is asleep

mass is late

she spent the day running around barefoot

her mother told her she looked like an orphan

with her feet all dirty and brown

and her hair all tangled

she knows her mother is not upset

her mother seems to allow her the freedom

to not care

to be a child

to play and to dance

the child admires her for that

soon the child is woken by singing

she doesn’t like any of the songs

or know them

the people start to get up

to eat those bland paper thin crackers

she is too young to eat the cracker

she waits

and waits

just waiting for the mass to conclude

that is all it ever was to the child

waiting for it to end

no freedom

no relief

no sense of peace

all that time

she could have been running around outside

making up games

feeling the earth below her feet

feeling peace

feeling god





waiting… – g.c.


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