do you wish the moon was blue?

maybe not,

but if you did,

how would you know it wasn’t?

because it is a fact?

because from earth,

from where you are standing,

it is grey?

how can you be sure?

you’ve never been to the moon

am i crazy?

am i saying we can’t trust that the moon is grey?

not really.

i am just saying if you wish the moon was blue,

don’t be sad,

because to this day the moon remains grey

if the moon being blue makes you happy,

just know it is only for today,

that the moon is still grey,

and today you have the power to say,

that the moon is blue,

not grey

but after all,

it is easier to know and believe,

that things like the moon being blue,

are too good to be true,

so if you can not say,

the moon is blue,

then your wish is lost,

and will never become true

imagination is 1 reality – g.c.


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